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Rocky Orsi

Former Head Teacher & Co-founder at RMS

Orsi aka "Rocky" is one of the most energetic and passionate Vocal & Motivational Coaches who dedicated her life for coaching, mentoring and helping people improving their life. She is the Head Teacher & Co-founder of RMS Vocal Institute.

She started her musical studies and singing over 20 years ago then she continued at Music College of contemporary music in Budapest, Hungary where she mastered the essence of rock, metal singing, and started her musical carrier as a solo artist. Quite soon after that she established her first band and performed all the major stages and festivals nationally and internationally in the following years. She won national singing contests 2 years in a row of her age of 18 and 19. In 2012 she was chosen from to perform in World Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood.


Despite her exceptional live vocal performances in 2013 She left the stage in order to focus on coaching only and she founded RMS which became the very first international online vocal school specialised on extreme vocal techniques only in few years. Her unique methods of singing and screaming proved to be highly efficient and safest way to learn these special vocal techniques as in early 2019 on the institute's Research Trip two independent ENT doctors, a Voice Scientist and a Speech Therapist all confirmed the fact that over 20 years of intensive singing and screaming did not harm her health in any way, no tissue damage has been found whatsoever. Since the foundation of RMS Vocal Institute She is fully dedicated to perfect these methods and pass them on to RMS students every day.

In 2020 she have left RMS for personal reasons and left the institute in the more than capable hands of Soren Sedit.


Soren Sedit

Headteacher at RMS

Søren - Headteacher of RMS Vocal Institute - is an experienced and very talented screamer from in Denmark. He has more than 15 years experience in bands as a screamer and as a vocal teacher. He was teaching screaming at the The Danish Metal Academy for several years and then he joined to the RMS team of teachers. His method is a mix of both classical and Modern singing.

Søren's teaching methods and vocal techniques are also carefully analyzed and approved in early 2019 on the institute's Research Trip. Two independent ENT doctors, a Voice Scientist and a Speech Therapist all confirmed the fact that over 15 years of intensive screaming did not harm his health in any way, no tissue damage has been found whatsoever.

Bands Søren is/was in: Die - Rise of the rotten (first album he did) Dreadlord

Now he is in Verdande and Arachnid Purge.

Soren RMS
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Søren is inspired and influenced by all types of metal music from the heaviest thing you could find all the way to rock ballads. Bands like: Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Signs of the swarm, Lorna shore, Vildhjarta, Slipknot, Architects, Devildriver, After the burial Disturbed, Seether, Leprous, Chimaira, Lamb of god, Slayer, Mayhem, Marduk,  and Jinjer.


Specialities: Yell scream, Tunnel throat, Guttural, Growl,Rock distortions, basically any type of False cord, also Throat Singing (Khoomei & Kargyraa) and Overtone singing.

Søren holds RMS sessions in person at Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


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Tara Livingstone

Former Teacher at RMS

Tara began her vocal training with a classical vocal tutor when she was 14, and then went on to take some SLS (Speech Level Singing) and IVA lessons. She then completed a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in performing arts: Completed in Clapham's Lambeth college - London (2013-2014). She then went on to study a degree at what was then "Tech Music School" now know as BIMM London (music college credited by the University of West London) where she achieved a BMUS (Hons) Degree in Popular Music Performance. Inspired by the great powerhouse vocalists, such as: Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Hayley Williams, Lacey Strum, Amy Lee, Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston, JOJO, Celine Dion, and many more, Tara set it out as her mission to accomplish the correct training and techniques it takes to be able to sing as well as these great singers. This is also what added to her interest in joining RMS, in the aims to continue to discover these progressive vocal techniques.

From the feedback from her tutors and peers at BIMM, she was told that Covering Rock songs really suited her voice, and that the Rock vocal techniques come easily to her. Tara first began her career as a professional performer at age 17, working as part of the hotel entertainment team, in prestigious hotels in the Canary Islands and in Menorca. She now performs regularly in various bars and venues across London and is currently writing for her own album. Tara has proudly set-up, and managed her own function band for many year, in which she performs regularly with for events all across the country. She has years of experience teaching privately, and loves sharing her years of collected knowledge and experience with other, in the aims to help them grow.

Tara has left RMS Vocal Institute in 2020.

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