As the success of RMS's unique methods of learning and developing extreme vocal techniques grew in the last couple years, more and more vocal teachers, other music institutes and private vocal coaches approached RMS vocal school to learn from the RMS teachers and in most cases implement what they have learnt in their own business. RMS came up with the perfect solution for every professional who would like to use the knowledge, RMS Curriculum and all RMS copyrighted teaching methods to teach others.


And this is called the RMS Teacher Association.


What RMS Vocal Institute can offer to singing teachers, vocal coaches and other professionals who would like to learn and possibly teach the extreme vocal techniques from RMS?

Before we run you through the benefits and conditions of the membership to RMS T. A. we would like to encourage you to book a Double Session with Rocky or Soren just like everyone else on our booking page. We find that our 120 minutes long session with one of our senior teachers gives both you & RMS enough time to get to know each other, you to be introduced to the basics, get professional advice from RMS vocal coaches, the basic exercises will be demonstrated but physical copy of them will not be shared with you. Basically you get what a normal RMS student would learn on these lessons only with some limitations.

Also during this session you will be recommended to one or few of our teachers depending on what level and what type of extreme vocal techniques you would like to learn and teach in the future.


However after this one session unfortunately you will be "banned" from the booking page to take further lessons like a normal student would do (sessions will be unavailable for you to book) but there you have the choice to become a member of the RMS Teacher Association.


If you would like to be a fully and officially RMS approved teacher / vocal coach you can join our RMS Teacher Association. You will receive the following benefits when you decide to purchase your membership:

- RMS teacher certificate (RMS approved teacher title that you must display on your website / booking page and in your other professional database info and also RMS will display you as an official RMS certified teacher on
This certificate will attract people with the desire to learn extreme vocal techniques from all over the world
(remember, RMS Vocal Institute currently operates with students from over 70 cities and 45 countries like USA, UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia, South Africa, Kuwait, Belgium, Norway, Ireland, Finland, Japan, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, China, Greece Italy, Hungary and so much more...)

- Instant access to all existing and continuously growing & updated exercises, teaching materials, tools and everything that you need to teach RMS methods on your vocal lessons

- Continuous support upon any requests or questions you may have regarding RMS methods or any extreme vocal technique for one year from the date you receive your certificate

- due to the high level of student enquiries from all over the world very possible that RMS will delegate students to you who would like to have vocal lessons in person at the area where you based / teach

- Regular webinars with our head and senior teachers who will update you with all the new info you need to keep your knowledge fresh and up to date

- Sharing exclusive info about the continuous RMS scientific research results that will effect your teaching and your own mindset about extreme vocal techniques in general

- Opportunity to be featured on RMS Vocal Institute's marketing materials, exercise and tutorial audio and video materials, possibly accompany the RMS Team on research trips, workshops, seminars, webinars and so much more!


Okay, but what exactly do I get with the RMS T. A. membership?

Anyone who gets the membership to become a certified teacher will get:

* 16 x 75 mins long personal or online Standard lessons with the teacher(s) who will train you. This could be one or more teachers depending on your current knowledge and level you are at, the level you would like to be and specifics you would like to teach but each lesson out of the sixteen must be delegated to ONE and only one of our teachers.

In case you would need more than sixteen lessons to get your certificate additional lessons can be purchased on mild-discounted normal student prices. You also must finish all sixteen lessons within twelve calendar months from purchasing your membership otherwise the remaining lessons will be lost.

* ONE whole year of support from RMS from the date you receive your certificate. This means that you can ask questions and seek advice from the RMS teachers in writing and in occasional Skype video chats. 

This support can be extended at the end of the one year period by purchasing one of the following subscriptions:

- ONE Year additional support - £200.00*

- TWO Years additional support - £350.00*

- THREE Years assitional support - £500.00*

As anyone from around the world can join to our teacher association we've tailored the price of the membership to some major and some less major currencies. RMS accepts payments in any of the following currencies via bank transfer. Alternatively you can pay in GBP with the same payment method that we offer on our booking page.

2,000- GBP* / membership

2,300- EUR* / membership

2,500- USD* / membership

17,000- DKK* / membership

750,000- HUF* / membership

* RMS reserves the right to change the fees of the services on this page anytime without notice. All prices are including all taxes and VAT.

Purchasing the membership of the RMS Teacher Association is subject to signing and agreeing to RMS' general Terms and Conditions, Confidentiality Agreement and the Membership Policy.

Please note that membership payments are exempt from RMS' general refund policy, please see further information about refunds on membership payments in T&Cs.

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