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RMS Vocal Institute (formerly known as Rocky Music Studio) is an International Scream & Vocal School founded in London, UK.

We are specialised to punk/pop-rock/hard-rock/metal singers & screamers' steady & safe vocal technique development, covering every scream and distortion methods from all genres.

Currently with over 300 active and regular students from all over the world RMS Vocal Institute is the ultimate online vocal school as all of our sessions, classes and seminars are available on multiple online video chat platforms such as Skype and Zoom.

Here you can learn:

- Breathing technique and Support 
- Extending your range, lower and higher 
- How to sing and scream effortless 
- Increasing power and use of dynamics 
- Connecting chest with head & mixed voice
- Belting 
- Vowel modification, Correct way to sing consonants
- All type of screams/distortions

  (Fry, False cord, Growl, Yell scream, Tunnel throat, pig squeal etc...)  
- Vocal health 
- Song writing and Lyrical tools
- Guide & Plan and/or Direct music videos
- Interpretation & Expression
- Theatre & performance   
- Preparing for Tour/Recording session

Life coaching/Mentoring
  - Build up self esteem and confidence
  - Release stress, stage fright
  - Finding your own individual singing style 
  - Bringing the best out of you

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Phone: +447530276024

Email: info@rmsvocalinstitute.com - General Enquiries

           soren@rmsvocalinstitute.com - +359882405707 - Soren

Locations:  Sessions with Soren - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

With website, social media, press, marketing and technical enquiries please call or email Matthew:


Phone: +447530276024

Email:  info@rmsvocalinstitute.com

Skype IDs: Soren.RMS

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RMS Vocal Institute and Rocky Music Studio are the trading names of ​Hekker Bros. Ltd, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England ​WC2H 9JQ, Company number: 08549381

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